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                  Research on Assessment of Transformer State Using Analytic Hierarchy Process and Rough Set Theory(PDF)


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                  Research on Assessment of Transformer State Using Analytic Hierarchy Process and Rough Set Theory
                  PENG Daogang 1 CHEN Yuewei 1 FAN Junhui2 QIAN Yuliang1
                  (1. Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Management and Control for Power Process(School of Automation Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power), Shanghai 200090, China; 2. State Grid Corporation of Nanping Power Supply Company, Fujian Nanping 353000, China)
                  analytic hierarchy process method rough set theory assessment of transformer state subjective & objective weight optimized combination weights
                  In view of the problems of single transformer condition evaluation method and the complicated factors that affected the performance of transformer, a state assessment method of transformer based on AHP (analytic hierarchy process, AHP) method and rough set theory is proposed. Combined with the experience of experts, the AHP method is used to obtain the subjective weights of the components and state quantities divided by the hierarchical structure; By the test data of transformer, it is adopted to analysis the objective weight of each part and state quantities by rough set theory, the optimized combination weights, which is the combinatorial optimization of subjective and objective weights, reflected in the proportion of the parts, state quantities of the running state of transformers. The model is applied to analyze the maintenance data of two different types of transformers and the results are compared with the actual transformer maintenance status, it has proved that this model has the ability to evaluate the transformer status comprehensively and accurately.


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